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This section is dedicated to the embedded systems and personal electronic projects developed by myself and couple of friends.

To implement this set of projects we had to work with several development boards such as FPGAs, Raspberry Pi, Arduino microcontrollers, PICs, among others. we also had to work with hardware communication protocols mostly SPI and I2C.

I hope you enjoy the results.

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Accelerated video processing algorithms on FPGAs:

This project implemented a fast real-time video processing algorithm using a Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA device and where hardware acceleration was employed (using MicroBlaze softcore processor). [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira and Eduard Kulchinsky.

A digital scanner based on an optical mouse sensor:

The goal of this project was to develop an electronic system based on a microprocessor belonging to the class of specialized programmable processors from Microchip (PIC18F4550), or simply, to use an optical mouse sensors (CCD camera + motion detection) to implement a digital scanner. [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira and Eduard Kulchinsky.

A fast floating-point sorting algorithm:

This project was very interesting and above all very challenging. As a final project for the Digital Systems Design course it was demanded of my group that we implemented a fast floating-point sorting algorithm. [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira and João Monteiro.

Collision Avoidance Robot (BEST Robot):

The must have/do for all electronics enthusiasts. It is always sweet to challenge ourselves to do something like this. [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira.

All-Terrain Arduino:

The new robot. For the time being it serves as shelves to store two NEECduinos (V1 and V2). [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira.

Audio projects:

These are all 1 Watt audio amplifiers. The idea: boost the juice to the headphones. [more]

Designed by João Justo Pereira.

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